Provide you the optimal logistics solutions that suit your business by highly efficient systems without mistakes. JPEN

Construct a highly efficient system without mistakes. We’ll provide you the optimal logistics solutions that suit your business.

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CEO’s Message

When speaking of optimization of logistic center, main KPIs are cost, productivity and error rate. However, we want to add “flexibility” in the main KPIs. Our company want to challenge ourselves in the field of logistics system’s optimization with GAS (Gate Assort System) and GPS (Gate Pick System) which are products with the higher flexibility and maneuverability. World is changing very fast and continuously. In respond to growing trends and demand within the industry, improvement and modification play a very important role in facility profitability. Many logistics centers have problems to keep up this social trend and change themselves timely. Despite of making efforts, still cannot maximize their profitability and keeping continuous efficiency improvement to heavy equipment they’ve installed in the past. Our company primary goal is to become the company that supplies the implementation of efficient logistic systems by reducing the use of machine based equipment.
Moreover, we want to contribute to the society by developing system which are Extremely simple! Absolutely accurate! And the most productive system is available, and supplying our logistics system to the industry of store and e-commerce logistics.

CEO Takumi Yoshimori

代表取締役 侘美 好則


Symbol of logo

Humans are approaching together to create an upward arrow.
The meaning to rise with customers is expressed in logo.

Corporate profile

Corporate name TAKUTECH.Inc
Established in February 2007
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Representative President Yoshinori Takumi
Vice president Hitoshi Yamazaki
Number of employees 15

【Tokyo Sales Office】Tokyo Building 7F 3-32-7 Hongo Bunkyo, Tokyo.
【Head office】3-27-17 Aoki, Kawaguchi, Saitama
【Misato R & D Center】3-384-2 Togasaki, Misato.

【本   社】

Phone Number +81-3-3868-3140
FAX +81-3-3868-3152
Business contents 1.Supplying Logistic system and materials
2.Engineering and sales of material handling equipment
3.Machine and software maintenance operations
4.Consultation of material handling equipment introduction
製品 ① GAS (Gate Assort System)
② G - Cart (Gate Picking Cart)
③ STOC (Wireless LED Tag)
④ FLEX CARRY (3D Conveyor)
⑤ KARACON (Empty Box Conveyor)


Tokyo Sales Office



Partner companies

Act Corporation

Supplier of computer equipment, development of software for network environment and server environment and operation of call center.

Kyoei System Co., Ltd.

Machine manufacturing company with belt conveyor.

Folio Design Inc.

Designing in mainly handling car parts They are designing directly our products, logo, system screen etc.

LINTEC Corporation

Supply packing machines and label printers in cooperation with GAS Moreover, we are conducting joint proposal activities in many fields such as e-commerce companies.

Food logistic project

Rationalization of purchasing in food service industry · Solving issues associated with rationalization of logistics.